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About Our Treatment

You can meet us at the clinic within the first five days of every month. On other days, we will come to your home and treat your child. Vaidhyar Jambu Manivannan may be consulted outside the city. You can see improvements in any autistic child, given the complications, within 5 days from the commencement of treatment.Your child will be normal in terms of behavior, hyperactivity and eye-contact within 90 days and in a year or two, your child will be 100% cured. Children are treated with medicines that do not cause any side effects. Vaidhyar Jambu Manivannan travels to any part of India; parents need not worry or wander. All other types of developmental brain disorders are treated without any side effects. Please check our treatment related videos. Vaidhyar Jambu Manivannan is also available to answer all your queries and concerns.

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