World's First Autism Forum With
Improved Medical Records (2019 - 2022)

We took first step as world's first Autism forum in Coimbatore on 11th September 2019 with 50 members as a first initial and continued our services till 2022. we helped 5000+ parents to achieve success in education, counseling and society equality

"We all do know that Autism is in the incurable disorder list with which many parents are struggling with children without any confidence, trust, assurance about their child future. Many parents become lifeless, hopeless and following the prescriptions of doctors and running for therapies, session treatment, advanced medical diagnosis and still stands in the beginning without any improvement in their child behaviour."

GEN AUTISM FOUNDATION maintains G Clinic, which presents you detailed information of treatment , education, counseling, awareness & improved medical records of children with Autism, Down's Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy.

so, regain your hopes & confidence, we will monitor your children in regular intervals and brings improvement within 3 -6 months.

G Clinic representative Dr.J.Priya Nandhinie & J.Surya devi explained the treatment methods & counseling & pledged to treat any brain disorders as cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome, Down's Syndrome, West Syndrome, Dyslexia & Muscular Dystrophy.

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